badger-201581_640Our terrestrial mammal experts carry out projects which involve survey and mitigation for, otters, badgers, pine martin and red squirrel. Survey techniques include searching for signs, suitable habitat, and potential breeding sites or resting places, followed by activity surveys to detect presence or likely absence.

We use specialist equipment including live camera traps, night vision, fur traps, sand pit traps to record mammals during active periods.

Our survey methods and mitigation for terrestrial mammals follow the latest editions of good practice guidelines available, including those produced by NIEA (|Northern Ireland Environment Agency), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Ireland NPWS (National Parks and Wildlife Service) and The Mammal Society. Our surveyors meet the competencies set out by the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) and have been trained in terrestrial mammal survey techniques by CIEEM, Mammal Society and the Ulster Wildlife Trust.