Ecological-clerk-of-works-pic An Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) is required to oversee construction works from pre-construction to post construction. We take a role of compliance monitoring and advise provision to assure clients that the construction progress is completed in conjunction with the support of the local authorities and statutory agencies. Staff at Nelson Ecology can work as independent ECoW’s or manage all aspects of the Environmental Clerk of Works roles.

We will manage the ecological aspects of the construction activities pre, during and post construction. We will monitor construction activities within the project and complete pre-construction monitoring on sensitive habitats and protected species, breeding birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians etc.

If mitigation is necessary pre and during construction, then we can apply for an EPS (European Protected Species) licenses to allow mitigation. Our ecologists will guide and advise on how to evade or lessen impacts through the supervision of ecological mitigation and compensation.

Communication with contractors and project managers is essential in the smooth running of a project. We will communicate ecological information to all staff working within the site through site inductions, toolbox talks and staff meetings.

Nelson Ecology staff are members of the Association of Environmental and Ecological Clerk of Works (AEECoW)