Our Sectors

Renewable Energy

We have extensive experience completing ecological and environmental assessments for large and small scale wind turbine developments.

We can assess and plan appropriate project design for a wide range of renewable energy projects including wind, solar, water and earth.

Commercial & Residential Development

We can assess and advise on potential environmental and ecological impacts that may develop through the construction and development process.

We will aim to avoid and mitigate against environmental issues during the planning and development process to allow project completion without incident.

Through our Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA) service we can assess the project in question and advise on the potential ecological survey and assessment required, saving time and expense for the client.

Roads and Public Infrastructure

We at Nelson Ecology can plan and deliver expert advice and analysis to assure project completion and to adhere to environmental legislation.

We can work as part of the development team to deliver large or small scale projects to a successful outcome efficiently.

We have experience and advised on large scale and small scale projects to achieve planning and development objectives.


We have completed marine assessments for various projects including dredging activity and port construction and management.



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We need businesses like this to support our wildlife – well done….

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