Nelson Ecollogy marine mammel survey

In Ireland, the 1992 EC Habitats Directive as instructed by the EC (Natural Habitats) Regulations requires that both seal species and all cetaceans occurring in Ireland are maintained at favorable conservation status. Under Article 12 of the Directive, all cetaceans should receive strict protection within the Exclusive Economic Zone. Under Article 4 of the Directive, Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) must be proposed for  a number of marine mammal species. Under the Wildlife (Amendment) Act 1976-2005, all cetaceans and seals are protected species listed on the 5th Schedule.

There are two groups of mammals that inhabit almost exclusively the marine environment, cetaceans and seals, Ireland has two species of seals, the Common Seal (or Harbour Seal) and the Grey Seal. The majority of time is spent in water were they are susceptible to noise disturbance from marine activities.

Nelson Ecology staff are experience and qualified Marine Mammal Observers. All Marine Mammal Observers are trained in JNCC marine mammal survey methods. We have completed marine mammal observations on projects with emphasis on marine mammals and appropriate mitigation measures to allow projects to be completed without incident or delay.